Athletic Greens calls itself a Superfood Beverage that offers high everyday levels of green vegetables and foods, and it is becoming popular among the individuals due to the benefits it is offering.

What is Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens is the superfood powder that claims to revitalize the natural energy levels of the body. The drink assures you to go through the day with extra energy only by providing you with the adequate levels of green vegetables and foods. Well, we have always known that the green foods are healthy for you; Broccoli and Spinach are two of the healthiest vegetables that you can eat.

On the other hand, many individuals don’t like the unique taste of some vegetables. Plus, you have to eat a huge variety of vegetables to get the suggested daily values of the ingredients.

Athletic Greens’ goal is to solve this issue with its superfood blend. Using the ingredients obtained from the whole foods, the Athletic Greens could improve the energy of the body, immune system strength, health, and mood.

How Does it Work?

The supplement is available in the powdered form. You blend the powder with the water and have it every day.
There are nearly 70 different whole food components included in the Athletic Greens. The company claims that these elements have been picked based on scientific researches.

Ingredients in Athletic Greens:

The Athletic Greens could be used as the multimineral or as a multivitamin as well as greens supplement and offer several minerals and vitamins. Specifically, one serving delivers the daily value of zinc, nearly as much vitamin A, and required amount of C and E vitamins, biotin, and numerous of B vitamins. For the vegetarians/vegans, good sources of vitamin B12 can be difficult to acquire; therefore Athletic Greens is an excellent choice for the vegan athletes.

These nutrients originate from a mass of greenery, mushrooms, and herbs. Athletic Greens splits these ingredients into four main groups:

•    Antioxidants and Herbs:  The antioxidants and herbs are counted in for nutrients and the high levels of antioxidants. This class has citrus bioflavonoids which are a great antioxidant for the athletes, pea protein, and CoQ-10, among other ingredients.
•    Superfoods: Superfoods are the greens and herbs that are included for the alkalinity and nutrients. The alkalinity is certainly, necessary for the athletes to help keep up the pH level in the body, mainly in the individuals who don’t consume an adequate amount of green vegetables. The list consists of many of the usual suspects of the greens supplements like wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella.
•    Mushrooms and Digestive enzymes: This group includes various herbs great in digestive enzymes, along with shiitake and reishi mushrooms.
•    Probiotics: Athletic Greens also contains 3.6 billion counts each of Bifidobacterium bifidum and lactobacillus acidophilus, two important classes of intestinal microflora. These are the sourced dairy-free. The acidophilus might help the lactose intolerant individuals to digest it.

The Athletic Greens comprises cocoa extract and the green tea extract, but for the reason that they are standardized for the antioxidant content, they don’t add much caffeine.

Athletic Greens Benefits:
•    It is “diet friendly” and improves digestion as well as the gut health.
•    It delivers increased energy to the body.
•    Better the alkalization of the body.
•    Boost the immune system of the body.

The formula of the Athletic Greens also promises to be useful for the individuals who are trying to become healthier and lose weight.

Bottom Line:

Athletic Greens is a very favorite green beverage that includes an A to Z list of quality elements. The Athletic Greens superfood drink powder not simply gets to brag up its extensive range of elements that are lacking in several green drinks, and the supplement also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes making it tremendously well-rounded.
Overall, Athletic Greens is a solid green supplement having a good flavor that supports energy production, digestive health, alkalinity and balanced nutrient intake to the diet. Greens supplement like this one is an excellent addition to a regimen of any athlete but are especially vital for the ones not consuming an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables.