Brain Peak is a nootropic supplement that is available to buy online. It is marketed as an exact formula of vitamins that work on your memory as well as providing wellness benefits to the whole body. It is only available initially via a free trial.

Brain Peak is designed and marketed to improve the function of the brain in specific areas-

  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Processing speed
  • Flow state

And it also has the added claim that it improves the dreams of the user.

How Does Brain Peak Actually Work?

It is difficult to give an accurate assessment of how the product works because the bottle and the website don’t provide a full list of ingredients. This feels like a worrying way of dealing with uses. If you don’t know what is in it then you don’t know how effective (or even how safe) it is.

The main active ingredient is huperzine, and this has been labeled as mildly effective in reducing memory loss in people. The claims cover both healthy people and those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The other active ingredient is vinpocetine which improves blood flow to the brain. In past studies it is shown to slow mental decline but all of these studies are looked upon as suspect in some way by the medical community.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Many of the customer reviews focus on the fact that Brain Peak is offered as a free trial, so you only pay the shipping on your first month supply. But at the same time they sign you up to their monthly subscription service that takes $140 from your account every month as they send you another bottle. The fact that they leave this detail in the very small print does catch out a lot of customers and it feels like a scam.

The product has very few reviews online and most state that it had little or no effect on their memory. The fact that the ingredients are not readily available does leave you feeling as though there is very little of positive effect in the capsules. The active ingredient vinpocetine does increase blood flow to the brain but to be effective the brain needs more than that.

Side Effects & Consumer Warnings

There are some side effects associated with Brain Peak that mean it should be avoided. Again, without a full list of ingredients it isn’t easy to see what may cause these side effects. The most common reported side effect is digestive upset. This is joined by a list of other reported side effects such as –

  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Stomach cramps
  • Raised blood pressure

All of these are side effects that are too much for a simple supplement that is designed to improve brain function.

Bottom Line: Is Brain Peak The Right Product For Me?

The cost, the way that the manufacturer hooks you and the side effects are enough to say a straight “No” to this. This product does not have enough going for it and then the costs on top of that makes it prohibitive for many to even consider the monthly outlay for.

There are much better products available on the market that don’t feel like a scam and don’t have these dangerous side effects.