Cognishield is a brain nootropic supplement well known for its brain enhancing properties. It promises to improve brain power and memory. The Cognishield brain supplement is great at cultivating memory recalling capabilities and cognitive enhancement. The supplement makes use of clinically proven ingredients for safety and effectiveness. Although, the so-called “proof” does not mean the actual brand has been clinically tested. Cognishield supplement claims to assist you have improved focus, mental clarity, concentration and better creative thinking capabilities. The supplement will also support you to relax and calm your mind. These are all big claims that need to be further investigated.

Cognishield is relatively a newer company, and therefore it is difficult to find real reviews from real people who used this product. As you may know, many companies pay others to review their products and it is often difficult to find honest reviews. The good thing about Cognishield is that it is made in the US and in an FDA registered facility.

Cognishield claims the following:

• Improve the recall-ability of the brain and the memory processing
• Helps with concentration and mental clarity.
• Raises the mechanical and the operational ability of the brain
• Increases the functionality to learn and remember things faster

Ingredients of Cognishield

Here are some of the essential ingredients: Piracetam, Noopept, Choline, and L-Theanine. This unique formula is also supposed to prevent anxiety and depression.

Noopept is another well-known ingredient can be used as an individual supplement. It has very strong research history but some of its benefits are yet to prove.
• It increases learning abilities
• Increases memory
• Improves mood and gets rid of mood swings
Choline is also found in foods but it is not absorbed by the body and for that reason, people use its supplement. It retains memory and recovers brain cells to boost your cognitive functioning.

PROS AND CONS: Each and every product has both pros and cons.

All Natural Formula
60-day money back guarantee
Made in USA
Claims to work quickly
Well Researched Ingredients
There is a lot of information about each ingredient and each is necessary for brain power development. There is a good chance that unnecessary information has been accumulated to confuse the audience.

• Lack of information about the history of the brand.
• Expensive. ( A bit too much) $69.95 per bottle!
• The actual dosages aren’t listed in the ingredients, just the names and their function.
• Scientific researches have been directed according to the site, but further research needs to be conducted to find the accurate results.
• Free trial offers often lead to autobilling programs which is inconvenient for many shoppers.

Lack of information and some extreme cases have developed some fears in the consumer’s minds.

Cognishield Side Effects

Cognishield side effects include headache, dizziness, and nausea when used in a large dose and over a lengthy interval of time. Over-usage has also been claimed to be a basis for memory impairment. Make sure to consult with your doctor as soon as you notice any of the above-mentioned side effects.

How does Cognishield work?

Cognishield supplement works by safeguarding the brain against the possessions of aging that tend to slow down its performance; this will also create room for nutrients to be engrossed in the brain and the neurons to communicate efficiently. The supplement will increase the production of neurotransmitters for an increase in neuron communication too.


Cognishield’s ingredients show that it possess the feature to advance your memory and brain power. The Company which is selling Cognishield provides a 60-day money back guarantee if you have any problem at all with the product. It is a pricey supplement, and we recommend trying one bottle at first before committing to larger quantities. Most supplements excite their formulas, and it is best not to trust a supplement just because their websites makes big claims. There have been mixed reviews about this brand, but it’s because people expect a lot from brands that charge outrages prices. Some of Cognishield’s affiliate sellers pretty much claim it can cure Alzheimer’s disease – something that no known drug can do. The supplement is clearly targeted towards those who have heard about nootropics but know absolutely nothing about how nootropics work or what they do.


Cognishield makes bold claims like “3X strength nootropic formula” without actually listing how their ingredient is any different while you can find many similar formulas and cheaper out there. The lack of real reviews from real customers is something that makes us hesitant to recommend it to everyone. Ultimately, there aren’t many good reasons to buy Cognishield to use as a nootropic formula. The one good thing we have to say about Cognishield is that it comes with a 60-day refund policy and the only fact to cheer about is that you don’t need to return the bottle. Other than that, Cognishield is an unproven nootropic formula that makes bold, groundless claims about its benefits.