Cebria is a supplement that helps in improving short-term memory. It is a nootropic supplement that aims to appeal to an older generation. Cebria is made up of all natural ingredients, and it helps in making the mind sharper. The ingredients in Cebria are clinically approved and authorized, however, this does not mean the actual formula has been lab tested. It is in capsules form and is easily accessible to buy online through their website.

How Does It Work?

Memory loss typically occurs with age. This problem is common in most people, especially those who work long hours. Cebria contains a formula known as Neuro Pep. Neuro Pep is made up of 12 different ingredients. This formula helps in increasing the chemical processes in the brain which helps in improving the fabrication of neuropeptides. A human body produces neuropeptides every day, and this supplement helps in improving the functionality of the brain. There is a large variety of brain enhancement supplements available in the market. Different supplements have different properties and contain different ingredients. Cebria in particular aims to help in improving your brain power and lessens short term memory loss.


The active ingredients present in Cebria are Lysine, Lactose, Aspartic Acid, Leucine, Glutamic Acid, Arginine Acid, Methionine, Valine, Tyrosine, Serine, Threonine, Tryptophan and Isoleucine.

Lactose –  plays an important role in the synthesis of brain galactolipids.
Glutamic Acid – is a neurotransmitter for proper brain function. It is essential for the synthesis of GABA.
Lysine – is an essential amino acid which helps in muscle repair.
Arginine Acid – is an essential amino acid which is present in a wide variety of other supplements.
Aspartic Acid – is an excitatory neurotransmitter
Serine – helps in the functioning of Central Nervous System and improves mental functions.
Phenylalanine – helps in the production of tyrosine. It provides a considerable effect on mental function.
Threonine –  can clash against depression and helps in improving mental health.
Tyrosine – is essential for the nervous system. It helps in the making of epinephrine and dopamine. This amino acid helps those people who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Pros and Cons of Cebria

There are some advantages and disadvantages with taking Cebria. These are as follows:
There are some of the benefits of using Cebria.
• It helps in improving the mental function and makes mind sharper.
• Its ingredients help in improving the user’s focus.
There are also some disadvantages of using Cebria.
• Cebria may cause dizziness and nausea.
• The supplement is expensive.
• It may also cause headache and vomiting.

Side effects

Cebria contains lactose, so it is not vegetarian-friendly; also it won’t be suitable for those who are lactose intolerance. Arginine and Histidine have properties that lower the blood pressure. People who have problems with their blood pressure should not use this supplement. Also, women, who are breastfeeding or pregnant should talk to their doctor before taking this supplement. Different amino acids in Cebria have different properties and are different in nature.

Does it work or not?

There are a lot of supplements available in the market and choosing the best one among all is a difficult task to perform. Cebria seems to be effective for a few users, at the same time, many people didn’t experience any difference after taking Cebria. It is important to note; this product is marketed for the people whose age are above 60. The supplement contains a large amount neuropeptides such as Glutamic acid, Lysine, Arginine, Aspartic acid, phenylalanine, etc. so this supplement is beneficial for those who are interested in improving their brain functions and memory.


Cebria is a decent choice for those who are looking for to enhance their mental clarity. It also helps in improving short-term memory. Cebria is made up of 12 different ingredients with a broad range of properties. The supplement helps in improving memory, makes mind active and sharp. There are no major side effects with taking this supplement, however, keep in mind that Cebria contains lactose and is not suitable who are lactose intolerance. The supplement is available in the form of easy to swallow capsules. The main reason we do not recommend Cebria is that they put customers in an auto-billing program and charge your card on a monthly basis.