DrFormulas Nexabiotic Review – Nexabiotic is an advanced multi-probiotic supplement which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive and gastrointestinal system. This product contains 23 probiotic strains and17.25 billion colony forming unit per capsule. It helps in boosting the numbers of healthy bacteria in the colon to defeat if not destroy the harmful bacteria that cause damage to our system. As assurance and demonstrating confidence, the manufacturer has provided 60 days money back guarantee if for any reason we are not satisfied with the result promised to us.

DrFormulas Nexabiotic Benefits:

• Helps in increasing the numbers of mutualistic organisms inside the colon
• Helps in better nutrient absorption in the body
• Ensures overall well being of the body

• Lactobacillus plantarum
• Lactobacillus acidophilus
• Lactobacillus casei
• Bifidobacterium bifidum
• Bifidobacterium breve
• 17.25 billion CFUs per capsule

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?
Nexabiotic is a blend of 23 strains with 17.25 billion per capsules. But, having too many strains can lead to overdose. Many customers reported seeing little to no results after using this formula for 90 days.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
One bottle of Nexabiotic contains 60 capsules which make available for two months supply.

Direction To Take:
Take one capsule on an empty stomach before bedtime. Can increase the dose up to 3 capsules per day for additional support.

Price Per Bottle: It’s $25.24 per bottle of Nexabiotic

DrFormulas Nexabiotic The Pros
• Made in the USA

The Cons
• Only 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
• Contains Soy and Dairy Protein

DrFormulas Nexabiotic Conclusion:

We like producer’s honesty and truthfulness on their claims as they provide assurance. But, having too many strains can lead to underdose that supplement can delay the effect nor may not work at all. We also found soy and dairy products that can bring harmful effect in the body. We have noticed that Nexabiotics have no precise direction on how to take the supplement although the cost of the product is quite cheaper compared to other top brands.

We recommend to buy probiotics that contain an essential substance which are Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobacillus Plantarum, and Lactobacillus Paracasei and it has 30 billion living cultures to destroy harmful bacteria. It is good there is 60 days money back guarantee. But, some manufacturers give 365 days assurance which is worth to try.