About Gaia Turmeric: The latest trend in the consumer health has become Turmeric Curcumin. Turmeric supplements are not something new and has been around for centuries, however in the recent years many companies have tried to come up with their own version of turmeric blends. For example, different companies come up with different dosages of turmeric curcumin, some add black pepper, essential oils, soy and many other additives. We understand the frustration, it is difficult to find the best one and we are here to help.

Gaia Turmeric Supreme Review:

Turmeric Supreme is a formula that was developed by Gaia Herbs. Turmeric Supreme claims to be a powerful anti-inflammatory formula to relieve pain. There are 60 capsules in each bottle that you take 2 capsules a day before a meal with a full glass of water. This means every bottle of Gaia Turmeric Supreme is a full 30 days supply.

Gaia Turmeric Supreme Effectiveness:

Gaia Turmeric contains 406mg of Turmeric Root plus 42mg of curcuma longa and 34mg of curcumin extract; and 7mg of black pepper to maximize absorption. Additives include: Lecithin.


Gaia Turmeric Supreme is an affordable turmeric supplement at $29 per bottle with an additional $4.95 shipping on most orders.

Return Policy: Gaia Herbs offers a 30 days return policy on all orders minus shipping and handling charges.


Gaia Herbs is a reputable company that offers a variety of health supplements. Turmeric Supreme is an all natural turmeric curcumin supplement that offers anti-inflammatory benefits. As a result it will work as a pain reliever supplement. We like the fact that this formula contains a good amount of black pepper to maximize absorption however some of the additives in Turmeric Supreme like Lecithin had been linked to some side effects such as headache. In case you are not happy with your order you can contact them to ask for a refund in which case you need to send the package back to them. There are many other alternatives to Gaia Turmeric Supreme and we highly recommend only taking turmeric supplements that contain between 1000 to 1300mg turmeric curcumin standardized to 95% plus 10mg of BioPerine.

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