GoFlow Review – Prostate health supplements can be useful if they have all the necessary ingredients. Tru Earth Health Product LLC is the latest company trying to formulate for this issue. We receive dozens of requests about reviewing all types of supplement, but we recently received a lot of emails about this brand. In this article, we discover if this formula is any good and evaluate their customer feedback to make sure you don’t waste your money on ineffective supplements.

GoFlo Benefits:

• Help to facilitate in emptying the bladder
• Work for a healthy, urinary flow
• Help to relieve the pain during urination
• Convenient sleep at night by reducing the frequent trip to bathroom for urination

• Flowens
• Zinc
• Vitamin B6
• Beta-Sitosterol
• Pygeum Africanum
• Stinging Nettle

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?
This brand indeed contains a lot of right elements however it falls short in many other top elements. Another thing that worries us is the low dosage in some of the herbs. For this reason, there are a lot of mixed reviews and sometimes negative feedbacks.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
• Each bottle contains 60 capsules

Direction To Take:
• Suggested dosage one capsule twice a day

Price Per Bottle:
• $29.95 for one bottle
• $59.90 for three bottles with a bottle of Omega-D and Virility Plus
***note*** there is additional shipping cost $6.95 for each order

GoFlo The Pros
• It is convenient since you will just take one capsule twice a day
• It is fast acting relieve

The Cons
• Limited customers review
• The company only provides 30 days money back guarantee

GoFlo Review Conclusion:

GoFlo prostate supplement is clinically tested to be effective and safe in treating prostate health. This supplement has flowens that is one of the vital ingredients and used by GoFlo as the banner component of this product; its primary function is to improve lower urinary tract symptoms typically associated with BPH. The company also offer a money back guarantee but just for a maximum of 30 days which we believed is not enough because major corporations return policy the minimum is 90 days. Also, there are severe issues that is hard for us to recommend. This product is missing some of significant vitamins and nutrients required for proper prostate health. GoFlo has no Saw Palmetto that has been considered as the most powerful herbal ingredient for prostate supplement, and it is being used by most of the company that manufactures prostate health products. This brand does not publish the specific contents and dosage of the component which are very important to assess the credibility of this product. We recommend to our customers to avoid the companies doing this kind of strategy because they can easily change/modify/reduce the amount of the formula as it may cause allergies and damaging consequences.