Joint pain and osteoarthritis are the common problems of the present age.  Long hours of work behind the desks and lack of activities cause a lot of health problems including joint pain. To control this issue most people are choosing to take joint supplements.

Studies have shown that the joint problems affect 30 million people every year in America. This is the reason that one of the leading businesses in the world is of Joint health supplements. People spent most of their income on buying nutritional and pain relieving supplements. That’s why it is important to know what to look for in an effective medication.

An effective Joint Pain Supplement work by two actions:

•    The stimulation of the anabolic process of cartilage metabolism
•    Anti-inflammatory action will cause a reduction in the catabolic action
Both these actions will work together to reduce the pain and in some cases, it might lead to the regeneration of the joint structure that will increase the mobility. We have a list of ingredients that will help you with your joint health.

1- Glucosamine
A natural chemical is found in the human body. It helps in the formation of cartilage around the bones that prevents the joints from breakdown and reduced inflammation and pain. This is the reason Glucosamine sulfate is one of the major ingredients that you will find in the joint supplements. Most people consume 500 mg to 1500 mg of Glucosamine on a daily basis. It has been shown several benefits like reduction in the autoimmune reactions, decreased joint pain and regeneration of tissues that helps to keep the bones stronger.
2- Boswellia Extract
It is famous as the inflammation reducing agent that prevents the body from arthritis. It works by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory mediators and cytokines that might damage the DNA.
•    Boswellia Extract supports the immune system and lowers the inflammation.
•    It causes a delay in the reaction to sensitivities
•    It will cause the regulation of immunoglobin G in the body that helps to prevent the joints against the viral and bacterial attacks
•    It enhances the healing process and causes a reduction in pain.
3- Chondroitin
It is one of the most utilized chemicals in the joint supplements. Chondroitin is mostly consumed by the people that are suffering from joint pain, wear and tear of joints because of aging and osteoarthritis.
The 800 mg consumption of Chondroitin has caused a reduction in pain, morning stiffness as well as it helps in the improvement of the functionality of joints. It helps in the exercise and injury recovery. By causing a reduction in the joint stress, Chondroitin helps to prevent the cartilage from wear and tear.
4- Turmeric
Turmeric has many benefits in management of arthritis. It has been relieving the joint inflammation and pain. It has been regarded as one of the oldest supplements that have been utilized by many for the treatment of pain. One of the biggest benefits of Turmeric is that it will produce the least amount of side effects in the body that can be easily managed. It is has been utilized to cure the joint problems like bursitis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A cleansing agent helps to reduce the joint stiffness and increases the mobility.
5- Methionine
It is an essential amino acid for the body that helps in the production of other sulphur-containing amino acids. Methionine helps to promote the health of soft tissues and build the bones stronger. Some of the amazing benefits of Methionine are that it will cause the production of chemical energy for a short duration during the exercise. As well as it is essential for the production of collagen. So when the required quantity of collagen will be formed because of the presence of Methionine in the body the tissues, cartilage and bones will automatically grow stronger.
Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic compound that helps in the restoration of the tissues as well as makes the immune system stronger. It has many benefits for the joint health like:
•    It helps in the treatment of the joint pain, inflammation and osteoarthritis
•    MSM will cause a reduction in spasm and muscular pain
•    The supplement will help in recovery after exercise

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