What we like about this product is that just like PureNature Turmeric it does contain 100% pure Turmeric Curcumin. However, it only provides 400mg of turmeric per serving; which is less than the recommended dosage. LifeExtention has been in business for a long time, and they are a reputable company. They also have excellent customer service, some positive reviews. Another essential factor to keep in mind is that they only offer a 30 days return policy. Let’s see if this formula is a useful turmeric supplement.

Manufacturer Information About Life Extension Turmeric Curcumin:

Learning about manufacturer’s data is one of the critical information we should know about to consider in buying a dietary supplement. This product produced by a company called Life Extension, a reputable nutritional supplement manufacturer. They promise that the ingredients are all natural safe and effective for boosting the entire body system.

Life Extension Turmeric Curcumin How Does It Work?
This product contains quality ingredients that protect our body, and it also supports our overall well-being. Furthermore, this helps to improve joints flexibility and mobility as it also works to alleviate joint pain and inflammation.

Life Extension Turmeric Curcumin Ingredients:
• Turmeric Curcumin standardized to 95%
• Essential Oil complex

Customers Review About Life Extension Turmeric – Does It Work?
This formula does have a great quality; however, it lacks BioPerine or any other types of black pepper extract for maximum absorption. Moreover, we do see positive reviews and comments from the previous users of this brand.

Life Extension Turmeric Pros:
• Works as an anti-inflammatory.
• It also provides support for joints.

• Offers only 30 days return policy.
• It’s missing Bioperine.

Life Extension Turmeric Conclusion:
The manufacturer is a very reputable company that produces a wide variety of supplements. This particular turmeric formula has excellent quality and is standardized to 90%. The only thing missing in this supplement is black pepper extract. However, some research claims essential oils can help with absorption of curcumin. There are some mixed reviews from the consumer. However, it is normal since supplements work differently for different people. It is manufactured in the US in an FDA registered facility following Good Manufacturing Practices. We highly recommend you read our guide on how to choose a Turmeric Curcumin supplement that works for you.

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