Mercola Curcumin Advanced Review – Dr. Mercola Curcumin Advanced is natural herb product which getting famous in the market. The product is considered as the king of the supplement because it brings good effect to most parts of the body. The only active ingredient in this product is Curcumin Root 500mg. It is good to give a try on this product because Dr. Mercola as the manufacturer has an excellent reputation although it is disappointing that they have not provided money back guarantee. In this article, we examine the effectiveness of this formula.

Mercola Curcumin Advanced Benefits:

• Support Joint Mobility
• Certified Vegetarian Capsules
• Made in the USA

• Curcumin Root 500mg

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?
The formula looks good but, potent turmeric product should have 800mg-1300mg of curcumin extract and 10mg of Bioperine. There are mixed reviews on this brand.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
A bottle of Curcumin Advanced contains 90 capsules which make available for three months supply.

Direction To Take: One capsule of Curcumin Advanced every day with meals and water.

Price Per Bottle:
• A bottle of Turmeric Formula is available at $72.97

Do They Offer Free Trial? No free sample based on manufacturer’s website

The Pros
• Utilizes advanced technology to enhance bioavailability
• It takes from raw turmeric material containing at least 95% curcuminoids

The Cons
• No information about product’s guarantee

Mercola Curcumin Advanced Conclusion:

This product comes from a reputable manufacturer which is good. However, we are not entirely impressed by the formula because the excellent composition must contain 800mg-1300mg of curcumin extract and Bioperine 10mg. It has also silica being used as artificial filler to cut the cost of the product and may bring harm effect to us. It is disappointing to see that there is no information about product’s guarantee although as we mentioned manufacturer has a good reputation.

We suggest considering buying turmeric supplement from a manufacturer who offers 365 days money back guarantee to whom it demonstrate company’s confidence and can stand behind their product also to the benefits they have claimed.