Neuro Plus is a kind of mental enhancer that takes good care of your brain. It contains proper vitamins and minerals that support brain concentration, bring back memories and improves cognitive functions. Welcome Recovery is one of the top companies in the industry of making Nutritional Products who also manufacturers Neuro Plus. Like the other firms, the components of their supplements come from the mother nature. The product is considered as excellent in brain’s equilibrium, maintains a positive mood, enhance mental alertness, makes you intelligent and reduces brain fog. More so, the products contain no caffeine, so there is nothing to worry about the possible side effects of it such as nervousness.

What are the components of this product?
The ingredients are mixed with herbal and non-herbal properties to attain much better result for the functioning of the brain.

Down are the ingredients list:
• N-Acetyl-I-Carnitine HCL
• Vinpocetine
• Vegetable cellulose
• Phosphatidylserine Complex
• Glutamine
• Huperzine-A
• Bacopa Moniera
• St. John Wort

How does it work in the brain?

To be active in daily load is valuable in able for you to be productive in a day and to accomplish all the necessary task, you need to become fully mentally alert and sharp. To do that, Neuro Plus is designated to you; it will help you improve your concentration and will awaken your alertness. The above ingredients are the working agent of this product, and it is a combination of non-herbal and herbal components that made the product more potent and effective. However, the mixture of the elements is somehow worrying, because there are other components that may cause harmful reactions if combine with another. The product is still best in making cognitive brilliant. Besides, it is manufactured by a reliable company that claims the safest formula for their products.

Proper Usage, Price, and Cautions:
The product cost is $16.97 for 30 dietary capsules. For adults, take one to two pills daily with a meal or as prescribe by a physician. Should not exceed the recommended dose. According to the label in the bottle St. John Wort may cause photosensitivity resulting in skin redness and irritation. Also, should not use to patients with risk of bleeding, taking anticoagulants or with clotting, it may increase the bleeding. Should be avoided as well by partners aiming to have a baby because it may decrease fertility. For Allergen warning, it contains soy (lecithin).

Pros of Neuro Plus:
• Made in the USA
• Suggest only one capsule to take
• Offer full refund within 30 days if not satisfied with the product

Cons of the Neuro Plus:
• May contains variety of adverse side effects
• Only suitable for adults
• Does not offer free trial

Neuro Plus provides many health benefits to your brain, but there is only limited information available on the website about this product. It is perhaps effective in boosting cognitive functions since the components of this is a mixture of non-herbal and herbal properties. It may improve your overall thinking capabilities. It is intended to those people who are lack of nutrients in the body that may sustain the needs of the brain. Nevertheless, the supplement has a variety of possible side effects and may risk your health. Also, it is not safe for the couples who want to have a child because this product may decline fertility.

The company offers a full refund within 30 days if you are not happy with that effect. Considering the possible impact of this product that was mention above, why put your safety at risk just because it offers a full refund? There are many other supplements now on the market that offers an incredible deal. It just only provides money back guarantee but also offers guaranteed satisfaction without putting yourself at the risk of possible adverse reactions.