What is Neuro Prime?

Neuro Prime is a cognitive brain enhancer that will support concentration and boost mental aptitudes. It could help you think faster and sharper. This product could help you study comprehensively during the time of the exam. This supplement has all- natural ingredients that could also diminish mental fog and could give you a calming effect so that you can have your good night sleep. But how useful and safe this Neuro Prime is? Below are the details about the product.

Claims of the Manufacturer of Neuro Prime:
i3 Nutrition is the manufacturer of Neuro Prime; the companies headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, USA. Their mission is to provide top quality supplements to that will help improve overall health and well-being. According to the source, their products have the approval from the FDA.
This company claims that Neuro Prime is also an energy booster to improve your maximum focus for you to be dynamic and flexible in all your responsibilities. This product is said to be premium nootropic supplement that was derived from purest ingredient to enhance cognitive functions, and it has a scientifically -formulated mixture of necessary minerals and vitamins.

Active Ingredients of Neuro Prime:

• Folic Acid Pure
• Calcium
• Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron
• Vitamin A, C, D, E, B5, B6
• Vitamin B1, B2, B3

How does Neuro Prime work?
Neuro Prime contains the combination of all- natural ingredients that are best in boosting cognitive capabilities to function well to its designated working process. It could keep your brain healthy and active to promote clearer thinking and will lessen sudden mood swings. It is intended for the student, working mothers, and seniors so that they will excel in whatever things they are doing. It could lessen your stress which leads to promoting positive aura. It contains no caffeine, so there is nothing to worry about the symptoms of nervous disorders. However, remember that users result may always vary. For better outcome following the instructions are given.

Price, Dosage, Safety Warning:
Neuro Prime has the amount of $9.99 for 60 veggie capsules that last for 30-day serving. Take two veggie capsules per day as a dietary supplement. Take it 20-30 minutes before a meal with a full glass of water for the excellent result. Kindly, don’t exceed the recommended dose because according to the caution, an accidental overdose could lead to lethal poisoning in children below six years old. If you have some health issues, consult an expert before taking any of the supplement.

Pros of the Product:
• Proudly made in the USA
• Suitable for veggie lovers
• Contains no caffeine

Cons of the product:
• Accidental overdose could lead to fatal poisoning
• Only offer 30-day money back guarantee

Neuro Prime could ensure the promised benefits especially if you follow the directed instructions and the suggested dose on how to take this supplement. It could be beneficial to the students who are suffering mental blocks and mental fog. It could help them improve rationally and become brilliant in impromptu reasoning since it makes the brain energetic that promotes clarity of thinking.

However, keep this product away from your children because accidental dose could lead to death threatening. Further, one of the disadvantages of this supplement is that it only offers a 30-day money back guarantee which is not enough to see the effect since it takes some process before you observe the result. We suggest that you must find another supplement that offers a 1-year warranty, enough time for you to decide. Also, pick a product that has no possible fatal effect.