NeuroFuse is a product that entered the market after being thought up by two roommates in Harvard. It is marketed as a nootropic, which means that it is supposed to help the brain function of a healthy person. It is marketed at students, athletes, entrepreneurs and any other people that want to improve their cognitive function. It is available online and the company that sell the product want you to take a long term subscription.

The product claims to be able to help in more than one area –

  • Boosting energy levels
  • Improving metal performance
  • Reducing the feeling of stress

You can see why it might be aimed at the student population, especially when thought up by tow students.

How Does NeuroFuse Actually Work?

The website does not list all of the ingredients that the product contains, so that starts off on the wrong foot. Without access to all of the ingredients, it is difficult to confirm whether the product can actually do what it claims. The ingredients that are listed include many standard vitamins, caffeine, Vinpocetine and Pikatropin.

The manufacturer claims that the capsules increase he blood flow to the brain, reverse mental fatigue and repair aged brain cells. It also claims to boost the user’s ability to learn new facts and have a better memory.

Although the list of ingredients and claims of effectiveness sound impressive, none are actually clinically proven to improve memory.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

The product is relatively new to the market and does not have clinical trials or a mass of customer reviews to back up the claims made on their website. The high costs of the capsules is mentioned on many of the reviews, and this is a fair indication that people are not receiving a great benefit from the product. At $60 for a supply of 30 tablets the price is quite eye-watering, especially when you take into account the fact that the website talks of taking between 4 and 6 capsules a day after an initial period of getting used to it.

One review site states that the whole doe of the blended ingredients is only 555mg, so it is obvious that there are only tiny quantities of each ingredient contained in each capsule. It is therefore difficult to imagine that there is any benefit to be gained from each individual ingredient in such small doses.

Side Effects & Consumer Warnings

Users have reported an increase in anxiety levels when taking NeuroFuse. When so many different ingredients are blended then it is difficult to product the side effects and they may only come out after prolonged usage.

Any product containing caffeine needs to be taken with caution and dehydration is always a potential issue here. Users should always drink plenty of fluids when taking a product with caffeine as an ingredient, especially as the manufacturer suggests upping the dose to between 4 and 6 capsules per day after a while.

Bottom Line: Is NeuroFuse The Right Product For Me?

The company behind the product offers a free 10 day trial but this is clearly a marketing ploy rather than an opportunity for the user to see if it works. There is no evidence that the capsules or any of the ingredients go any way to improving memory.

There are clearly better products out there on the market and with such a high price point this is one to be avoided.