About Noxitril:

Noxitril is an all natural supplement in hopes to improve your sex life by increasing your stamina and endurance. The supplement seems to have a lot to offer and there is a great deal of hype behind the brand. Male Enhancement supplements usually make big claims and many of them cannot support those claims which results in customers disappointment. One thing that worries us about Noxitril is their return policy which is only for 30 days. Honestly this is not enough time for a supplement to show effectiveness. Let’s investigate further.

Noxitril Effectiveness & Benefits:

  • Improve orgasm
  • longer lasting erection
  • Improve sex life
  • Increase stamina

Noxtril as an all natural herbal supplement can help users achieve results by increasing the blood flow and giving you energy.

Although there has been mixed reviews regarding the effectiveness of this supplement, we haven’t found any side effects with this formula.

Noxitril Ingredients:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca
  • L-argenine
  • Ginseng blend

We do like the ingredients in this supplement and there has been studies that show the effectiveness of each ingredient, however the actual formula itself has not been clinically tested.

What’s in the bottle?

60 tablets, that you need to take 2 times a day before each meal with full glass of water. Each bottle is a 30 days supply.

Price Per Bottle:

$59.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling.

As you buy more you can expect to get better value; for example:
3 bottles for $119.90
6 bottles for $179.85

Cons – We don’t like the fact that the company charges a shipping charge even on bigger quantities. Many users have mentioned that shipping charges are non-refundable therefore in cases of returns you can expect to lose some of your money. Also the formula seem to be somewhat expensive in comparison to other similar formulas.

Pros – We like the fact that the company does not offer subscription services. Companies that offer “free trials” and auto-shipping programs should be avoided because they end up charging your card without you authorization.

Noxitril Return Policy:

30 days refund policy minus shipping and handling charges.


Noxitril is an all natural male enhancement supplement, with no sugars and hormones. It is considered to be generally safe with no serious side effects. It has a powerful formula but for the money you can get far better and more powerful formulas. They offer a 30 days return policy which is not enough time for the user to decide its effectiveness, specially when someone buys multiple bottles then you end up losing money. In order to get a refund you need to give them a call at 866-223-2864. Overall Noxitril has been shown to work for some users.