Alpha Brain was developed in 2010 and has become the poster child for nootropics. In the mainstream media it has received a lot of attention, mainly of a positive kind. But in scientific circles it is subject to a little more scrutiny.

It is available online through sites such as Amazon and the product has become widely used. The claims include that the user will feel calm, will be driven and will be able to maintain focus. It is a blended product which means that it has more than one ingredient. All the ingredients together are designed to improve brain function.

How Does Alpha Brain Actually Work?

The different active ingredients are all designed to meet different needs of the brain. The three main active ingredients are vinpocetine, huperzia serrata, and alpha GPC. The idea behind these is that they will help to raise acetylcholine levels in the brain. This is a neurotransmitter so when there is a higher level this is supposed to trigger more brain activity.

Some of the other ingredients are claimed to raise dopamine levels that reduce stress and increase happiness. It has been noted that all of the ingredients are found in low levels and may not provide any benefit at all.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

There are mixed reviews for this product in all place sit is sold online. Many of the reviews focus in the fact that the manufacturer makes some quite stunning claims on their website but the actual results do not live up to this. The majority of reviews state that it had no noticeable effect whatsoever on brain function – or indeed mood.

The fact is that those that take less care of their body find Alpha brain more effective. If you get enough sleep, avoid stress and eat the tight foods then you can have all the effects of Alpha Brain without the expenditure. Eggs in particular are an element of the diet that increases acetylcholine levels in the brain naturally.

Side Effects & Consumer Warnings

Users have reported headaches and jaw pain and this is likely a side effect from the raised acetylcholine levels. Another effect of the raised levels that has been reported is vivid and disturbing dreams.

Many of the ingredients have little or no research to back them up as either effective or safe, so without widespread testing or use it is difficult to say whether they are safe to take in the dosage that Alpha Brain delivers.

Bottom Line: Is Alpha Brain The Right Product For Me?

The product is quite ineffective if you already do some of the right things. A few small changes in lifestyle deliver the same benefit as Alpha Brain. The cost isn’t the most expensive on the market but at around $45 for a bottle of 30 c capsules and a recommendation to move up to 2 per day it is by no means cheap.

There are better products available out there with better feedback and ingredients that are proven to work. I don’t recommend Alpha Brain to help brain function.