OptiProstate XTS Review – prostate problems are serious and needs to be taken care of before it becomes more serious. Many supplement companies try to come up with their own version of prostate pills, but how effective are they? In this article we review OptiProstate XTS and its effectiveness.

OptiProstate XTS Benefits:

• Work for normal urine flow
• It boost overall immune system
• Help for proper functioning of the prostate
• Improve overall immune system

• Pumpkin Seed Oil
• Omega-6 Fatty Acids
• Omega-9 Fatty Acids
• Saw Palmetto

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
• Each bottle has 30 soft gels good for one month supply

Direction To Take:
• The recommended dosage is one soft gel a day.

Price Per Bottle:
• 1 bottle $19.95 for 1 month supply
• 3 bottles $56.85 for 3 months supply
• 6 bottles $107.70 for 6 months supply

The Pros
• Prepared in an FDA registered facility to meet the tough standard of US Pharmacopeia
• Made with organic herbal extract
• The company has one-year refund policy program.

The Cons
• No exact list of ingredient on product label
• The product effect to slow
• Many negative comments on the website

OptiProstate XTS Review Conclusion:

Optiprostate would be one of the best prostate supplement on the market as of today if we were going to base their marketing strategy. All ingredient listed on products label is all natural and safe for any side effects. This is being strengthened by manufacturer’s return policy program that they accept return 365 days or equivalent to 1 year if you are not satisfied with this product. But, the problem is that the company did not tell us all the truth, they did not put the complete list of ingredients on the label, and they claim it’s all natural, come from the herbal extract. But then, what happened? Many frustrated customers tried to use this product because nothings occur at all. Even there is an all year round return policy what matter most we are looking for is the positive effect to heal our pain, the frequent urination at night we want to resolve to sleep well. If you search further or visit some leading online stores, you will see the different complaint from customers. On the other hands, OptiProstate still working and has a good healing effect although, you will need to work with your patients as suffering from pain. For us 1 year guarantee is good but, what matters most is a quick relief.