Proluxan Review – Prostate health supplements are becoming more and more popular. Herbal remedies are a great option for those who like to avoid prescription drugs because they have far fewer side effects and in some cases could be more effective. That’s if you choose the right formula that contains all the essential ingredients. We understand it’s a challenge to find honest reviews of different supplements that are why we provide you with accurate information on various formulas and test their ingredients. Proluxan by New Summit Nutritional is one of the popular health supplements that have been requested for reviews by our readers.

Benefits of Proluxan:

• Protect your prostate
• Increase your urinary flow
• Work to sleep you the whole night
Proluxan Ingredients:
• Pygeum bark extract
• Urtica dioica
• saw palmetto
• Lycopene

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?

Proluxan contains some of the top ingredients for an effective prostate supplement. Saw palmetto, in particular, is a very well researched ingredient that is a necessity for any prostate supplement. Although the formula contains some additives, overall it’s a good choice for those who like to try herbal supplements.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
Each bottle of Proluxan has 120 soft gels that would enough to serve you for the whole month. One of the main concerns about this supplement is that users need to take 4 capsules per day which are an inconvenience for many. The reason is each capsule has a low dosage of ingredients, and one needs to take more pills for it to be effective.

Direction To Take:
The required dosage of Proluxan is 4 softgel each day. Preferably with meals. 1 soft gel after breakfast, 2 softgels after lunch and the last one of softgel is after dinner.

Price Per Bottle:
• A: Take 1 bottle for $69.95
• B: Take 3 bottles for 199.85
• C: Take 6 bottles for 394.70

Proluxan – The Pros
• Get fast relief from discomfort in just 30 minutes
• No signs of negative side effects
• Some real positive reviews are available

The Cons
• Limited information about this product with low dosage
• Cannot return an empty bottle
• Capsules contain unnessary additives

Proluxan Review Conclusion:

Based on its ingredients Proluxan is all natural and safe to swallow, and no negative side effect has recorded in the past compared to other supplements with some skin irritation. On company’s official website we see positive reviews from its customers. The biggest concern for many is the fact that the formula is in low dosage and not as effective as some other similar ingredient formulas. Another thing that can encourage us to try this product is that they offer money back guarantee – it means you can return the bottle (not empty) for a refund. However, the company does not accept return if bottle is empty compared to other company that no question ask even if the bottle is used they still process your refund. We tried to search further and sees very limited customers, and most of them provide positive feedback but that still questionable if that comes from a legit consumer. Another concern which alarms us that when we try to order this product from its official website, the company did not provide any other option for shipping method, only choose the EZ-shipping to get free shipping but then, that option means you agreed that allow the company to send you a bottle of Proluxan every month and that will automatically charge to your credit card every time they process. Overall, the actual formula is a better choice than many other brands out there, however with a quick search we can name many other more effective prostate health supplement brands.