Pros-Terol Review – In this article, we examine the effectiveness of this prostate supplement, look at its ingredients, return policy and pricing. Our goal is to provide you with honest information so you can decide which prostate supplement is best for you.
Manufacturing Company: Uniscience Group

Pros-Terol Benefits:

• Help to keep a healthy prostate
• Promotes regular urinary flow
• Supports sleeping well by decreasing the frequent urination at night
• work on emptying your bladder

Pros-Terol Ingredients:
• Pumpkin seed extract
• Black pepper extract
• Licorice Extract
• Stinging Nettle Root Extract
• Soy Isoflavones
• Copper

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
• Each bottle has 90 caplets good for one month supply

Direction To Take:
It is recommended to take three capsules one a day.

Price Per Bottle:
A: $39.95 for 1 bottle
B: $71.95 for 2 bottles
C: $129.95 for 4 bottles
D: $179.95 for 6 bottles

Do They Offer Free Bottles?
Yes, they have 14 days free trial. Although we don’t recommend taking these offers as they keep charging your card every month.

The Pros
• The company has provided money back minus shipping handling charges.
• Ingredients have undergone clinical studies.

The Cons
 2 Weeks trial program often results in angry consumers.
 Product does not remove symptoms of enlarged prostate
 The product is only available at company’s website.

Pros-Terol Review Conclusion:

Having said as it advertised on their official website the product is made with natural ingredients. The component is intended to promote best prostate health and restore the correct prostate size. The company is offering 3 Months refund guarantee for unsatisfied customer, but be aware of their “free bottle offer” this promotion because it will automatically be enrolled you in their auto ship program which means you will receive a bottle of Pros-Terol every month that makes charges to your credit card on monthly basis not until you cancel the order. This brand does not have quick relief assurance as it originally comes from them that the effect will experience 3-4 weeks or more than a month of maintaining 3 capsules a day while there are brands with similar supplement that will provide you quick response, alleviate the pain and give comfortable snooze at night.