A mineral in our bodies that is used in minor quantities for the normal body roles like digesting food etc. is known as chromium. It exists in various natural diets including meats, potatoes, brewer’s yeast, molasses, cheeses, whole-grain bread, spices, and cereals along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Hard tap water provides chromium to the human body and cooking food in stainless-steel utensils upsurges the chromium in foodstuffs.

90% of the American food contains very less amount of chromium. However, it is uncommon to be actually short in chromium. Individuals probably like to be short in chromium include:

  • The ones who do a lot of energetic exercises.
  • The elderly
  • Pregnant women
  • The individuals who eat lots of sugary foods.

Low chromium levels in the body could increase the blood sugar, cholesterol levels, triglycerides and intensify the possibility for some illnesses, like diabetes and cardiac disease.

Health Benefits:

Taken in the precise amount, chromium has enormous health benefits. Chromium exists in very low amounts in plant and animal tissues that is why it is known as a trace metal.  Some of the sources of chromium include coffee, brewer’s yeast, tea, whole grains, potatoes, peas, cereals, thyme, rye, processed meats, oysters, and beer. Chromium has the following health benefits:

  • Diabetes:

Chromium is a vital mineral that plays a part in how the insulin aids the body in regulating the blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that the human body uses to change starches, sugar as well as other food items into the vigor that you require for day-to-day activities.

Some studies propose that chromium might help individuals having diabetes lower the blood sugar levels in the body. One study found that females who have diabetes as a result of being pregnant enhanced their blood sugar control when they took chromium.

  • Obesity and weight loss:

Weight loss and obesity are the two main problems that most of the people face and these two issues triggers several other health concerns. Several supplements help to reduce the fat in our body. Chromium is frequently promoted as a weight-loss supplement and a method to recover lean muscle along with reducing the body fat.

  • Chromium reduces carb desires:

If you are similar to lots of individuals, then you have a recurring and compelling hunger for the carbohydrate-rich diets. Cravings for sugar-laden and starchy diets are common as well as are a kind of craving that consists of similar mechanisms involved by the opiates along with the pleasure/pain part of the human brain.

  • Depression:

Chromium has revealed to be the most promising for the ones with the subtypes of depression that affect the carbohydrate appetite and cravings regulation, such as different depression.

  • Cardiac health:

Chromium deficiency leads to the damaged lipid and glucose metabolism, and that results in extraordinary circulating levels of insulin in the body, the possible concerns of which propose that chromium insufficiency might be a major risk cause for the cardiac disease.

  • Strength physical activity:

Chromium is prevalent among some of the bodybuilders and could be found in the sports diet supplements. On the other hand, there is not significant indication that chromium aids individuals increase strength or construct muscle physique.

The supplements are available in the stores easily in the form of chromium nictitate, chromium citrate, high-chromium yeast, and chromium picolinate. A part of important nutrition and health, the regular intake of chromium is essential. However, it should not be administered in high amounts.


Precautions are necessary while taking any supplement and same is for chromium. A Huge amount of anything in the body cause several other problems, therefore, the chromium supplement must be taken after consulting a nutritionist. As a consequence of the perspective side effects along with the interactions with other medicines, individuals should take the nutritional supplements only under the direction of an experienced healthcare worker.

Chromium from food is considered harmless. As a supplement, extraordinary amounts of chromium mineral could decrease how effective the insulin is in regulating the blood sugar levels and root stomach irritation, flushing and itching. So, be careful while taking the supplements or eating the foods that are rich in chromium.