Thorne Meriva-SF is a special turmeric curcumin formula that aims to help your joints, eye, GI tract, liver, prostate and nerve health. Of course, these are some big promises and we have to investigate. In simple terms, Thorne Rseearch Meriva-SF is a blend of turmeric curcumin and sunflower extract. Although the formula lacks any type of black pepper extract for absorption, it does promise a time release capsule which helps the curcumin survive the stomach acid. Even if this formula can be absorbed to your body, still it is unclear if it can deliver its promises.

Is Thorne Meriva-SF really effective?

Turmeric naturally has anti-inflammatory benefits and is also a powerful anti-oxidant which has been shown to help your overall health over time. Other ingredient in Meriva-SF is sunflower phospholipids. Similar to turmeric, sunflower also has anti-inflammatory benefits; it also helps your brain function because it contains phospholipids which is essential for your cognitive health.

Thorne Research does not provide any details about the dosage of each ingredient.

What’s in the bottle:
Every bottle has 120 capsules which is suggested to take 2 capsules per day. (Every bottle of Meriva-SF is a 60 days supply)

Meriva-SF is $41.60 per bottle plus shipping and handling ($11.95 handling fee)
They also offer a subscription service, which we don’t recommend our readers sign up in subscription services at first. In general, we suggest trying a bottle and then move to a subscription service if you see results.

Return Policy:
Thorne Research offer a 14 days return policy, in which case you need to contact them first, ship the package back and you will get a refund minus the shipping & handling fees.


Thorne Research Meriva-SF is an all natural turmeric curcumin formula that is mixed with sunflower phospholipids. Meriva-SF promises to help support your joints as well as your liver, prostate and nerve. Although there aren’t any lab tests results to confirm such promises, some independent studies have shown the benefits of such ingredients. Thorne Research offers a 14 days return policy minus shipping and handling charges. If you decide to buy this brand make sure to call them within the 2 weeks in case you would like to return the supplements. There are many other alternatives to Meriva-SF and we highly recommend only taking turmeric supplements that contain between 1000 to 1300mg turmeric curcumin standardized to 95% plus 10mg of BioPerine (black pepper extract).

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Source: Meriva-SF (sustained release)