Thrive Naturals Super Brain Renew – this supplement has a good formula when it comes to improving memory and thinking skills. Enhances the cerebral flow of blood to the brain developing energy levels and healthy brain functioning. The ingredients are 100% pure and natural, it contains vegetarian capsules. Brain Renew is free of gluten and no animal by-products. This product manufactured from one of the FDA registered facility which follows the strict rules of Good Manufacturing Practices. Although it looks great by looking at the claims, we will examine the effectiveness of this supplement in further detail.

Super Brain Renew Benefits:

• Improves memory attention and thinking skills
• Helps in memorability and cognitive performance in general
• Boosts the cerebral flow of blood to the brain

• DHA Omega 3
• Huperzine A
• Phosphatidylserine
• Bacopin
• N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?
Super Brain Renew specially formulated Thrive Naturals one of the most potent brains and memory formula available today. In our study, we have the so-called essential component of effective formula that should always be active on any brain supplement which are Huperzine A, Phosphatidylserine 20%, Choline Bitartrate, and DHA Omega 3 Amino Acids.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules? One bottle contains 60 capsules which make available for 30 days supply.

Direction To Take:
• Take two capsules once a day with plenty of water.

Price Per Bottle:
There are three different packages: 1 bottle for 30 days supply $43.95, three bottles for 90 days supply $118.95, six bottles 180 days supply $199.95

Super Brain Renew The Pros
• 100% natural ingredients
• 1 Year money back guarantee
• No sales tax outside California

The Cons
• Upsell attempts to get you waste money on useless products


Supre Brain Renew is very fantastic supplement were we can trust the manufacturer’s blend of the supplement. However, we always recommend choosing brands that contains our essential ingredient as follows Huperzine A, Phosphatidylserine 20%, Choline Bitartrate, and DHA Omega 3 Amino Acids. The kind of blend from that formula much better compared to any other supplement. We have found other brands that contain the same.

We understand that is difficult decision to choose which is the excellent product. We have provided a list of some names that appear have the great blends of the brain supplement that you may try.