Ultra Natural Prostate Review – Life Extension is a supplement company that offers a variety of formulas for your everyday life. Prostate issues are not something as easy to solve, and that’s why we have many companies releasing their own versions of the prostate formula, and in this article, we examine the effectiveness of Ultra Natural Prostate.

Ultra Natural Prostate Benefits:

• Help to maintain healthy prostate
• Promotes healthy prostate size
• Develope healthy urine flow
• Promote a healthy inflammatory response

• Pygeum
• Beta-Sitosterol
• Lycopene
• Pumpkin Seed
• Saw Palmetto
• Nettle Root

Is it Effective? Does It have Essential Ingredients?
This product contains some the best essential ingredients and is considered an effective formula. The only downside about this supplement is the fact that it is in very low dosage, so it’s difficult for many people to take so many capsules per serving up to 4.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
Each bottle contains 60 softgel that will make available for 30 days.

Direction To Take:
Take 1 softgel twice a day. one in the morning one in the afternoon.

Price Per Bottle:
The cost for each bottle is 28.50 with 60 softgels

The Pros
• Ingredients are all natural
• This product is made in the United States

The Cons
• No money back guarantee.
• Low ingredient dosage.


Ultra Natural Prostate appears to be safe and effective. The ingredients are natural with the right formula that improves prostate health. The price of this product is in a middle range that buyers can afford the supplement. This supplement is being manufactured in one of the FDA registered facility that shows to follow the strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not offered or not even mentioned on company’s website about money back guarantee or their return policy for this product. Money back guarantee is a good gesture for each business that sells any supplement as it means that they stand for highest standard for every product they have on the market. It stands as the foundation for the claims they made to the public. Most companies have the money back assurance for customers who won’t be able to satisfy the result from the supplement.

Furthermore, this product contains Gelatin which is not suitable for vegetarians and those with allergic reactions. Thus, we only recommend product that is pure means no animal meat active on the product. For us, it has a manipulation of customers reviews because as you visit company’s website only useful feedback that you will read on the page. Better to choose a product that has a money back guarantee compared to products that claim to be very nice but no customers assurance.