Urinozinc Review – More and more men are suffering from various prostate problems. For many, it feels like there are no solutions, so seek medical treatments. Some others have their hopes up with herbal remedies. For hundreds of years, people have been able to treat their prostate problems with natural herbal remedies. Many supplement companies are manufacturing their formulas with hopes to help men with such problems. One of these businesses is DSE Healthcare Treatment which made their unique formula called Urinozinc, which from the name of it, it’s a zinc formula. In this article, we investigate the effectiveness of Urinozinc.

Benefits of Urinozinc:

• Reduces waking up and frequently to urinate during the night
• Reduces some of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate
• Helps with emptying your bladder,
• Improves your urinary flow relieving pressure and discomfort
List of ingredients:
• Zinc
• Saw Palmetto Extract
• Pygeum Africanum Extract
• Pumpkin Seed Extract
• Vitamin E and Selenium
• Lycopene

Is Urinozinc Effective? Does it contain the necessary Ingredients?

This supplement contains most of the ingredients for an effective prostate supplement, although the dosage of each ingredient is rather low and weak.

What’s in the bottle? How Many Capsules?
There are 60 capsules in each bottle; It is recommended to take the pills for 2-3 months since men typically notice a change within 30-45 days. It seem like a long time for a supplement to make any effects and it is due to low dosage of some of the essential ingredients.

Direction To Take:
Take 2 capsules per day with plenty of water before each meal.

Price Per Bottle:
Urinozinc has 60 caplets per bottle for 19.99 good for 1 month of supply. One thing we like of this brand is that Urinozinc does not offer any free trial, therefor they don’t have annoying auto-ship programs.

The Pros
• Urinozinc is available in most of the big chain stores in the US and Canada.
• The price is low; you can buy the supplement for as low as 19.99.

The Cons
• Need to take the supplement for a period of time for it to show some effects because of the low serving size dosage.

Urinozinc Review Conclusion:

Urinozinc is an all natural formula with well-researched ingredients. It is manufactured in the US which means they follow a stricter rule in making these supplement in an FDA registered facility. Urinozinc has been a good product for many because of its low price. We never recommend buying supplements based on their price. On the other hand, you might get tired of taking the supplement since you will notice a positive change for an extended period or as stated by other consumers it could take 30-45 days. Ther are far more useful formulas for prostate health supplements. With a quick search we were able to find better and more effective formulas. If you decide to order Urinozinc, please start with 1 bottle to see if it has any positive results on your prostate health. The main website of this company is not informative; there is much relevant information that they should post, for example, the return policy is not very clear, but it seems like they offer a 30 days refund. The main ingredient in Urinozinc is Zinc, which has been a very well researched ingredient for promoting prostate health. Zinc also has many other health benefits such as fertility and preventing hair loss.