You might have followed many workout plans but the benefits your body will get prom Yoga can never be compared with any other exercise plan. Humans have been practicing yoga for 5000 years. There are more than 100 poses for yoga that will provide your body with different benefits.

The reason that yoga is so effective is that it is the workout for your mind as well as your body. With the perfect combination of strengthening, stretching, relaxation and meditation it is the perfect exercise plan that you need to follow. There are many health benefits of yoga and some of them have been listed below.

Boost immunity

Many studies have found that yoga is the perfect way to enhance the immune system of the body. It has been claimed that the relaxation body gets from yoga changes the expression of genes. This is the reason that immunity system of the body becomes stronger.

The best thing about yoga is that it will begin to work when you are on the mat. So it means that there is no need to especially wait for the changes that will happen to your body. Within your 15 to 30 minutes workout you will get all the benefits that you have always desired.

It will work faster than the soothing music and other techniques that you use. You must be aware of the fact that when you will breathe and move better your body will automatically work better. The sun salutation is the yoga pose for enhancing immunity.

Ease Migraines

Studies have shown that with the proper yoga practice you will have a reduced headache and occurrence of a migraine. It has been noticed that most of the time we are working on the computers or our cell phones. This leads to the tightening of the neck and upper back muscles. This is the major cause of migraines apart from that, stress also plays an important role.

However, with 3 to 4 months practice of yoga, you will notice a major decline in headaches and migraines. The reason is that it will cause and a major reduction in the stress, as well as your muscles, will come back to their healthy state. Bridge pose is ideal for easing migraines because in this pose maximum work is done by your neck muscles.

Enhance sexual performance

One of the amazing benefits that you will get from practicing yoga in the enhancement of the sexual performance. With the 12 weeks practice yoga you will notice the following changes:

  • Sexual desire
  • Increased libido and performance
  • Enhance strength and stamina
  • Orgasm
  • Satisfaction in the bed

These benefits will be enjoyed by both men and women. Yoga will work by improving the mind control of the body and strengthening the muscles of the pelvic region. Apart from that, the blood flow to the genital organs will be enhanced that play a major role in satisfaction because of the proper secretions.

The bound angle pose is perfect if you are looking forward to improving your performance in the bed.

Sleep better

Yoga is very beneficial for the people that are suffering from insomnia. Studies have revealed that with the 8-week practice of yoga the people suffering from insomnia have been cured. Not only that it has also helped the cancer patient to sleep better.

With the proper posture and practice it will allow you to control your emotions and so you will have a relaxed mind and properly beating heart. It will also help to improve the quality of sleep because you will not have to wake up repeatedly in the night. Corpse pose is the best yoga technique to improve your duration and quality of sleep.


No food craving

The continuous practice of yoga improves the connection of the mind with body. It means that you will be able to control the unhealthy food craving. Your mind will be aware of the requirements of the body and it will provide sensations to stop food craving. Meditation is the best way to enhance self-awareness.

So it is the time that you make yoga a part of your life. Morning is the best time to practice the healthy exercise.